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Mario Kart - races of the plumber

There was a next console version legendary Mario, for fans to urge on - Mario Kart. It is game the sixth under the account, in a racing series. The basic advantage of this game that in each box with game the plastic rudder is enclosed, the form for manipulator Wii Remote without which to play would be not so interesting. The main inspirer Sigeru Mijamoto who is responsible for development, has collected all fascinating of the previous games and has added motorcycles. In race it is possible to play for any of the liked 24 characters, the world of plumber Mario, as well as for it.

Ubisoft begins бета-testing Tom Clancy's EndWar

Company Ubisoft begins reception of applications for бета-testing of console game Tom Clancy's EndWar for prefix Xbox 360. Within 3 weeks in June-July бета-testing will be spent - for interested persons three cards for online-game 1v1 and 2v2 will be laid out. Broadband access to the Internet is necessary For those who wishes to participate in this process, actually prefix Xbox Live Gold and 3 GB an empty seat on a hard disk of the console. Tom Clancy’s EndWar - the most global version of game since action is developed in the third world war.

The trailer of console version Far Cry 2 is published in a network

Console versi games Far Cry 2 online is shown in a videoclip, published. The plot of game is developed in Africa. The benefit in civil war always is found by the dealers the weapon working on both of front. The protagonist should destroy the largest dealer. To excel in game, it is necessary to watch a condition of the weapon, weather and time of day. Game is various and predlagat set of the various weapon, operated technics, and the main thing - nonlinearity of passage.

Competition of company Softline

Before the beginning of the Russian sales of game simulator Wii Fit spends competition « Fit Therapy ». It is the project of company Softline, together with companies Nintendo. All participants are offered to answer 12 questions from area of health, fitness, yoga, and also thematic games for the personal computer and games hookups. For participation in competition it is necessary to fill http://fit.gamedep.ru on page the registration form and to choose the answer to each question from four offered variants. Prize-winners are expected with gifts from GameDep.ru and Passion.ru. The winner will receive game simulator Wii Fit together with prefix Nintendo Wii, and also a special prize from Daripodarki.ru.

New series Pitfall is developed

Development of new game from series Pitfall is continued by publishing house Activision. The project is created exclusively for console Nintendo Wii. Studio Edge of Reality which already took part in creation Pitfall will borrow in development of game: The Lost Expedition, left in 2004 on consoles of the previous generation. The next part of game-serial refers to Pitfall: The Big Adventure, will offer gamers more than six tens levels. Game will represent a mix of an action and platformera. Basic action The Big Adventure will be developed in jungle, but will be also caves and zasnezhennye mountain tops.

Xbox 360 have dressed in a crocodile leather

Such prefix Microsoft Xbox 360 did not see still anybody. The unknown fan under anybody dfwmonkie has dressed the case of the console in a material very similar to a skin of the present alligator. For a dense forest of plausibility the button of inclusion have altered under an eye of a reptile. To look the device became certainly ominously. Fans of animals (even such terrible) can sleep easy – during assembly of the given updating any crocodile has not suffered. For imitation krokodilej leather the author used layers of rubber, a paint and other materials.

Children buy severe games despite of age interdictions

In large European and American trading networks pay attention admissible age of console and computer videogames. Proceeding from marks on a box, 13-14-летнй the teenager cannot buy the bloody insurgent, with obscene lexicon. But the more interdictions, the there are more than desires. Children will always find a way out. Information portal What They Play had been lead interrogation among young "gamers" as they are going to catch the sensational, severe game Grand Theft Auto IV leaving one of these days and intended only for adults.

The Euro-commission is established the age qualification on severe videogames

The European commission it is imposed by the veto on sale of severe videogames and the age for such games is established. Of 15 countries entering into the European committee already has passed the law on games, and such states as Chyprus, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Romania still have not joined age gradation of sale of video of games. At a meeting of chapters of the European commission introduction of " the Law of behaviour » in the market of videogames which will enter the force in all states within two years has been decided.

Ace Combat on Xbox 360

Game " Ace Combat " has missed on the world no more less in 10 million boxes. " Ace Combat " - this fine example of how on prefixes it is necessary to do games about planes. Certainly, all this series can seem to admirers of the present aviasimulators enough children's, but play similar projects improbably interestingly. Here it is not necessary to deliberate especially above management. All is as much as possible simplified. Simply you fly to yourself and you destroy hundreds enemy vehicles. The similar virtual world very much grasps. " Ace Combat 6 " not only it is perfectly played, but also looks superb. Game is accessible on console Xbox 360.

Videoportal about games Games-TV

In a Runet has begun the work of a videoportal on computer games and virtual entertainments - Games-TV. Officially it has declared producer center Creatent. In a test mode the resource works since September, 1st, 2007. All this period organizers of the project were engaged not only debugging of a platform, but also investigated interest and behaviour of users. At present the portal contains more than 150 transfers devoted to virtual entertainments, and also videoreviews of the freshest and expected games. Daily the site is updated by new video fragments from the games which have not left yet and new transfers.

Brothers Klichko participate in development of mobile games

The Ukrainian boxers Vladimir and Vitaly Klichko will start to develop mobile games. The American company has officially declared it " Artificial Life ", signed the exclusive license agreement with sportsmen. Director of the company has noted, that for them is honour to conduct development of mobile game with operating world champions on boxing. The purpose of developers to make a series high-quality dvuh-and three-dimensional games for a mobile phone, these boxers using images. According to brothers Klichko, they with impatience wait for an output of these games. Release of the first game is expected in the third quarter 2008.

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